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The Gray of Minds

I relate mostly to the roof of an abandoned house. the roofs that are being engulfed and suffocated by the overgrown vines and branches of the nature that I used to fit in neatly between. the branches and vines once were soft and beautiful now as they restrict and bind me they are hard, sharp, and uncomfortable becoming an ugly mass of twine that I can't seem to break free from. how beautiful I must look to outsiders. they can't see how trapped within them I am and how I'm begging them to set me free. the gray of my mind are these vines and branches. I can't escape from the constant drowning I feel inside my skull. I am pressed and trapped how beautiful I must look from the outside while I'm begging to be set free. the sun is beating down, but still I am in the gray. the vines and branches thriving while I am slowly dying.

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